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Zdrăngăneli de blide, vorbe, onomatopee

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That’s it, sweetheart, you’re alone now. How about forgeting all the space in between you two, that scared the hell out of you, and focus on what now? Try finding something, like the leaking tea pot, the melting ice that used to cover your heart, the little bugs that start bothering your sleep and announce you it’s spring?


Remember when the emptyness between used to inspire you? Oh yeah, forgot to tell you – it will be gone. Neither the space, nor the void, or the chaos between you two will source anything but the will to erase yourself from the memory of things and creatures. You won’t wish to be anything else than an unbreakable glass, like the one that scientists just managed to create, and make sure it’s painted in all the colors of the universe, so you wouldn’t bore yourself looking at it. When you heard the news on the radio, would you have thought that soon you will start wanting to become one?

Yes sweetheart, you’re alone now. The silence of the light is heavy, and the nearness of him is a stranger. Make sure you don’t feel tempted to read the signs around you. It will show you that things around you are doing fine, remind you that you are not, that he changed into spring, and you are still in winter time. While snowflakes become heavy and grey, in another world things are bright and shiny.


Written by zdranga

aprilie 6, 2009 la 10:01 am

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  1. mieux vaut etre seule que mal accompagnee sau poate ca ain-t over til it’s over. Oricum „Que te quiten lo bailado”!
    Sa ramai sau sa iesi cu bine din toate.
    Uite ca din iarna ai iesit!
    Eu nu-s asa de descurcaret!


    aprilie 14, 2009 at 7:04 pm

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